Istanbul is one of the largest cities in Turkey that has 13.9 million population. Also, Istanbul connects Asia and European continents with Istanbul Bosphorus.

Most tourists come to visit in Istanbul all seasons in a year.

On this page, I will tell you touristic attraction places in Istanbul such as some mosques, towers, museums, palaces, and so on. I hope you have an enjoyable time on my Wikia page.

I added a link below that shows Istanbul embraced by natural beauties and historical places.

I choose some of the most famous places that must see before the world ends.

  1. Sultan Ahmet Mosque or Blue Mosque
  2. Basilica Cistern (Yerebatan Sarnici)
  3. Ayasofia Museum or Hagia Sophia
  4. Topkapi Palace
  5. Gulhane Park
  6. Spice Bazaar (Misir Carsisi)
  7. Grand Bazaar
  8. Galata Tower
  9. Istiklal Avenue
  10. Saint Antoine Church
  11. Dolmabahce Palace
  12. Maiden Tower
  13. Port of Haydar Pasa
  14. Ortakoy Square
  15. Rumeli Hisari
  16. Pierre Loti Hill
  17. Big Island